Le Petit Mignon is proud to currate his first exhibition abroad featuring a selection of works by artists and grafic designers involved in the underground art scene in Europe. Most of them were, at some point in the past, invited by Le Petit Mignon to present their work on the walls of Berlin based record shop Staalplaat and offered their contribution and their printing skills to a still expanding series of publications released by Le Petit Mignon.
While Japan is technologically one of the most advanced nation in the world, the country is extremely isolated and communications quite often seem to stop at its borders. This paradoxical and unfair phenomenon has been amplified by the nuclear disaster occurring in Fukushima last year. Through the sensibility of Europe based artists transcribed on paper, this exhibition aim to overcome the language barrier and distances, build and maintain an alternative communication bridge and open doors to future engaged collaborations between Europe and Japan.
On this occasion, Le Petit Mignon also wants to encourage Japanese youth to rise against consumerism, build an alternative society and get involved in actions against the criminal politicians governing their country who, just one year after Fukushima’s disaster, keep on lying and endangering the safety of Japanese people. Both exhibitions will feature deviant art, comic illustrations, screenprints, books & more by following artists and publishers:
-anef (France): anef-prints.blogspot.com
-Zven Balslev (Denmark): cultpump.blogspot.com
-Noémie Barsolle (France): saignante.blogspot.com
-Zeke Clough (U.K): www.zekeclough.com
-crippaXXXalmqvist (Sweden): maximumschreck.blogspot.com
-Le Petit Mignon (Germany): www.lepetitmignon.com
-Mats!? (Sweden): www.matsicko.commatstuff.blogspot.com
-Jeong Hwa Min (South Corea): www.sugarlandparadise.comwww.flickr.com/photos/sugarlandparadise
-Juk Molm (?): lacommissure.free.fr
-Zeloot (The Netherlands): www.zeloot.nl

Mograg Gallery (Tokyo): www.mograg.com
Galaxy Gallery (Osaka): www.galaxygallery.info